Thursday, July 24, 2008

Better than a trade

Well, the Red Sox had to take care of business themselves seeing the Twins and A's couldn't give them any help.

And after the sweep in Anaheim, they did exactly what they were supposed to do... sweep Seattle.

If I had said the Sox were going to go to the West Coast and play the Angels and the Mariners and go 3-3, most everyone would take it.

But along with the extra inning heroics of Lowell et al yesterday, the best thing about yesterdays game was the return of Justin Masterson.

They sent him to Pawtucket after being effective as a starter to learn how to relieve... in a very un Joba like low key manner.

And now he came back and threw 2 2/3 perfect innings out of the pen yesterday.
This could be a big thing. Masterson has thrown well all year and now he can be a weapon in the 7th and 8th.

I'm not too worried about the Sox because they are pitching well and you know who is coming back soon so the offense will pick up with Papi's prescience in the line up.

But the pen was the biggest concern and with the Martes and the Feuntes of the world being the best options, it didn't seem like it was worth giving up more Freddie Sanchezes or Kason Gabbards or David Murphys for a 7th inning stiff.

If Masterson can be a solid 8th inning guy and Aardsma, Okajima and Delcarmen can all move to smaller roles... then maybe there will be no need to make a trade at all.

It would be nice if Craig Hansen was a little more steady. His save yesterday was unnecessarily terrifying.

Man, what a novel idea... fix the problem from within.
It's almost as novel an idea as letting Beckett, Wakefield, Dice-K and Lester pitch into the 8th inning.

So THIS is what a Farm System feels like


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    I'm expecting a post shortly about how Mike Mussina is a first ballot HOFer who's excellence is only surpassed by the likes of Greg Maddux.

    Seriously, the guy has 13 wins! 13!

    By the way, as you know I'm a fan of this blog but its the Fox News of Red Sox Nation.

    There's a weekly entry about Clay Busholtz (sp) but you've only celebrated Mike Mussina once or twice.

    You should post an apology to him every time he gets a W from here on in!

  2. Anonymous2:33 PM

    If mussina wins the cy young, you should call this blog "moose's sully baseball"