Sunday, July 27, 2008

Answering an anymous critic

An anonymous commenter of my last posting had some pointed remarks.

He (or she) said, and I quote...

"Is anyone other than the Yanks or the Red Sox playing? If you read this blog, you'd think the other divisions finished their season a month ago."

So basically I am being accused of being yet another guy who refuses to acknowledge that there is a baseball world outside of Boston and New York.

Never mind that scrolling down the page, I have long posts about the White Sox, the Marlins and the Tigers, not to mention quick hits on the NL West and AL Central.

Never mind that in July I wrote about the Blue Jays and the Cubs/A's trade.

Forget this July I wondered about the misery level of Washington Nationals fans and over the course of the season I have written posts for the Diamondback fans, Mariners fans, the Orioles/Pirates interleague series, accurately predicted the return of Cito Gaston, pondered about an All Florida World Series, question the White Sox's lack of love, called for a fitting end of Nomo-mania for the Dodgers, complained about the A's lack of TV coverage, wondered how Pirate fans do it and asked Marlin fans how they celebrate.

Throw in the trash the fact that last season I wrote about EVERY SINGLE TEAM.

None of that matters because this reader felt I was too much emphasis on the Red Sox and Yankees during a Red Sox and Yankees series.

No doubt during the 2004 ALCS, he would have expected me to be talking about the Padres.

But we here at Sully Baseball aim to please our readers... even the lazy ones.

So I have a new vow. And I am obsessive enough to follow through on these.
For every Red Sox or Yankee post I write, I will write two NON Red Sox/Yankee posts.

How about that?
I will shift the focus so we are not fixated on the 2nd and 3rd place teams in the AL East, but giving attention to all the other teams.

How about them apples?

And if the Red Sox and Yankees play in the ALCS, I will indeed sneak in a few posts about the Rangers farm system.

Will that satisfy my readers?
I hope so...

Now identify yourself!

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