Saturday, July 05, 2008

Seriously Varitek and Coco...

All we needed was a fly ball and Rivera would have blown a save... the Yankees would be on the ropes... and the series would be won with a game to go.

Look, Mussina was awesome and the bats were dead... but when Rivera was all but handing the game over for a gut punch and possible season destroying win, you've GOT to take advantage of it.

Remember 2006?
Remember how the Yankees took those 5 games in Boston that August and essentially sunk the season?

I do.
They went from 2 games out to 6 1/2 back.

Well I know this isn't the exact same situation... but the chance to take 4 straight could put the Yankees down for the count before the All Star break.

You can NOT let this team believe in itself.
This was a potential season crippler.

Just hit a fly ball!

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