Friday, July 04, 2008

Yesterday was a Red Sox fan and a Yankee hater paradise

How could yesterday be better?

Lester threw a complete game shutout.
The Red Sox played smart baseball, manufacturing runs.
They stopped a losing streak in the Bronx.
They won the opening of the series with Beckett going in game 2 and a completely rested bullpen.

Seriously, how could it be better?

I know! The Yankees could be calling meetings and seem angry.
The Steinbrenners could be calling out the team.

Madonna is somehow involved.

But let's not get cocky Yankee haters.
This could be a wake up call game for the Yankees...

Best hope Beckett wins today.
It's a shame that Colon is hurt... I would have love to have seen a Colon/Ponson match up.

2 pitchers... 1,000 pounds between them.
Not sure the structure of Yankee Stadium could handle it.

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