Sunday, July 20, 2008

I have a solution for Marlins fans!

Hey Marlins fans.
Do you love winning the World Series but hate having to see your favorite players leave?

Well we here at Sully Baseball have the solution:

Root for the Marlins when they have a shot to win, and every other year ROOT FOR THE TIGERS

Detroit seems to be the popular destination of former Marlins

You loved the 1997 team?
Well then your manager, Jim Leyland, is waiting for your cheers in Detroit.

And how about that great finish with Edgar Renteria's single up the middle to clinch the whole thing?

You want to cheer on Edgar and let him know how happy that made you?

Get up to Detroit and give him a standing o.

Who is that on the SI cover holding up Renteria?
Why its former Marlins slugger Gary Sheffield...

Hmmmmm. I wonder where you can see him play these days? I'll give you a hint. It's in Michigan.

The architect of that team was Dave Dombrowski... who is currently calling the shots for Detroit.

You more of a fan of the 2003 team?

Fair enough.

Remember how Pudge Rodriguez got the game winning hit in game 3 against the Giants, held onto the ball to end the series, drove a dagger into the hearts of Cubs fans and celebrated in a silent Yankee Stadium to win his ring?

Guess where HE went?
I'll give you a hint. RoboCop lived there.

Remember how Miguel Cabrera exploded onto the scene in the 2003 playoffs and World Series?

Remember how he looked like the next great MVP candidate?

Well if he is going to win one, it will be in Detroit!

And what about Dontrelle Willis?
Remember how he dazzled everyone, electrified the crowd and did everything the Marlins wanted in the 2003 post season... start, relieve and even hit.

Guess where he is?

Actually he is in Lakeland Florida trying to get his act together... but that's not the point.

The point is that by rooting for the Marlins only when they are good and rooting for the Tigers the rest of the time, you can have the World Series experience to go along side with being loyal to your favorite players.

Hey, it's cheaper than building a new park!

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