Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mmmmm.... this is good crow

Well credit must be given where it is due...

And two Yankee pitchers need a reluctant Sully Baseball tip of the cap.

Last year I thought Mike Mussina was toast... and the fact that he pitched himself out of the rotation kind of backed up my point.

This year I thought his fast start was a fluke and I thought the Yankees should trade him before he broke down.

But now it looks like not only Mussina should get some Cy Young votes but also should get some Hall of Fame consideration.

As for Joba, I never doubted his talent but I thought shifting him to the rotation might lead to a Jabba sized hole in the bullpen.

I didn't take into consideration that maybe one criticism of Joe Torre was right and he was no longer a good bullpen manager. Well anyone who thought that Jose Veras and Kyle Farnsworth would be effective, raise your hand.

So after a maddening 1-0 loss on a dribbler by Giambi and another good Beckett outing wasted I must tip my cap and say "Well... maybe the Yankees pitching was better than I thought."

Now to put more sugar on this crow

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