Friday, July 11, 2008

Went to my first game of the year tonight

For a guy who talks a lot about baseball and watches even more, you’d think I’d GET to the ballpark on a regular basis.

But between work and being a father of two, I went to a grand total of one game last year.
It was on August 29 where I saw the Rockies beat the Giants at AT&T Park 8-0.

With a little more than a month to go in the season and the 4th place Rockies barely over .500, I thought it was a match up between two meaningless teams.

Little did I know that the Rockies would need every win to qualify for the playoffs and would win the Pennant.

Well last night I was driving through Los Angeles and passed Chavez Ravine and thought “Why not?” and pulled in to Dodger Stadium.

I missed the first inning and most of the scoring but I did see a kid names Chris Volstad make his first ever major league start... and throw a shut out into the 9th inning.

In all he lasted 8 2/3 innings.
Wow, imagine that! The kid was pitching well and they let him pitch!
Don't they know that you are supposed to baby them?

Don't they know that you are supposed to call paramedics if a rookie pitcher throws more than 30 pitches?

And he relieved one day and then went into the rotation?
Don't they know that is a long painful process the requires months of agonizing?

At one point the Dodgers had the trivia contest for some poor schmuck on the field.
The question was "Name the third Co-MVP with Pedro Guerrero and Steve Yeager for the 1981 World Series."

They gave the choices of Steve Garvey, Fernando Valenzuela and Ron Cey.

A guy in front of me yelled out "FERNANDO!"
I said "No! Ron Cey!" very confidently.

The guy looked at me and said "You seem sure of it." And yelled out Ron Cey.

The answer was of course Ron Cey.

The guy turned to me and said "You are a REAL Dodger fan."
I said "Nope. I'm not a Dodger fan at all. I just know it."

He responded "Did you Google it?"

I pointed to my head "This is my Google! When someone asks about the World Series, Google calls ME!"

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