Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How can things get worse for Cubs fans?

I know for some people the script has been written out already:

On the 100th anniversary of the Cubs 1908 World Series title, the new look Cubs win their second straight NL Central title, their first pennant since WWII and finally their long awaited series.

The Red Sox had won 2, the White Sox 1... now it is the Cubs turn to wipe away bad memories and have their parade.

This decade of good will would let long suffering Cub fans visit their grandparents graves and give the baseball world a World Series call from Ron Santo that would probably sound like a drunken Chewbacca.

And it looks more and more like this will be the year.

They've got the bats and now with Harden and Zambrano they have the arms.

Fukudome has been as advertised and Soriano is back.

They currently have the best record in the National League... a league that has no powerhouse and where 90 wins will probably give a team home field until the World Series.

Which team in the NL is going to knock them out? The Psychitzophrenic Mets? The barely over .500 NL West Champs?

And destiny will be on their side. Lou Pinella has been here before... his Reds seemed overmatched by the 1990 A's and the Reds swept them for the World Series and never ending discussions on Dibble and Kennedy's XM Show.

The Cubs will be World Champions... and the Junior Senator from Illinois will become President... rides on Navy Pier will be for free and the winter will be mild.

It could happen.

Or something else could happen.

I remember in 1986, I felt the Red Sox were charmed... especially after coming back down to their last strike against the Angels and winning the first two against the Mets. And then getting those 2 runs in the 10th of game 6.

It seemed perfect. The perfect team of veterans like Rice and Evans along with new comers like Boggs and Clemens.

I also felt the 1995 team had destiny on its side... before being swept away by the Indians.

And 2003... the team stormed back against the A's on my wedding night... and had that 5-2 lead in Yankee Stadium in the 8th of game 7.

Each time it felt like destiny.
Each time ended worse than Tony Montana falling into the fountain.

You do know it can happen, right?
There could be a new Garvey Homer... there could be a new black cat... a new botched double play... another ball through the first baseman's legs... another brutal decision to leave a pitcher in like in 1989 and 1998... or to take the ace out like in 2007.

(Notice I didn't include Bartman... he didn't let up 8 runs. Leave the guy alone.)

And if you don't win, just like the Cubs haven't won since Teddy Roosevelt was in office, then someone else will.

Since that fateful 8th inning of game 6 of the 2003 NLCS, Cubs fans have watched the Marlins celebrate on their field only to later match them in total World Championships (2).

They've seen their compadre in misery, the Red Sox, win 2.
They've seen their stepbrother on the South Side, the White Sox, win it and hold a parade.
They've seen their blood rival, the Cardinals win.

But there's another scenario that might throw salt into the wounds:
What if the Brewers won?
You know that team just to the North... that team that Cub fans turn into "Wrigley North" when they play?

Can you imagine continuing to search for a title into a second century while being surrounded by White Sox, Cardinals and even Brewers fans who have won since W was reelected?

Would that be too much?

Let me ask you... do the fans who Bleed Cubbie Blue really think this is their year?

Do the Goat Riders of the Apocalypse think a Cubs victory will bring peace or Armageddon?

Is The Ghost of Paul Noce prepared for more demons or bad spirits?

Will the Wrigleyville 23 folks lose it when Brewer fans have some ammunition?

Or will A Hundred Next Years be resigned to postponing the party for another century?

Let me know Cub fans... and while you are at it, support the brilliant comic and devoted Cub fan Rob Paravonian.
Rob P opened for George Carlin for the last year or so... and sadly the Cubs drought outlived Carlin in every way.

Let's hope Rob gets to see one... and avoid hearing Pachebel

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  1. no, we will not go nuts. we're more bemused than anything by brewers fans.