Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hey NL West...

Nice division!

It's July 2nd and you don't have a single team over .500?
The Rockies and Padres who played a one game, winner makes the playoff last year are now playing sub .400 ball... and yet are not out of it.

The Dodgers can't get a hit, are 5 game sunder .500 and within striking distance of first place!

The GIANTS are still in it!
Any team that is 10 games under .500 going into July should not be saying the sentence "Who should we pick up at the trade deadline?"

But why not?
Hey, in a year where .500 might get you a ticket to the dance, why not push your chips to the center of the table?

Seriously, I expect to see some wild trades from the NL West at the end of this month.
Start adding up your prospects and see if they equal C. C. Sabathia or Ken Griffey Jr!

Wouldn't it be something if the Giants win 83 games, make the playoffs and pull a 2006 Cardinals and win it all with a subpar team, all in the year after Barry left?

So come on NL West.
Aim for the middle! That should be enough

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