Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Sully Baseball "ALL F---ING YANKEE TEAM"

The Red Sox and Yankees are starting up a new late season series. And last night's 1-0 Yankee win caused some profanity from your pal Sully

So let's look back at the recent rivalry and put together the Yankee team that made Red Sox nation drop the most F-Bombs.

Damn Yankees is no longer strong enough.


C - Jorge F---ing Posada
Lest we forget his homer in the 99 playoffs and his game tying double off of Pedro in 03

1B - Jason F---ing Giambi.
Yeah Tino, Chambliss and Donnie were better Yankees... but I still lament those homers hit in game 7, 2003.

2B - Enrique F---ing Wilson.
He had Pedro's number. Don't ask me how!

SS - Bucky F---ing Dent.
I know Jeter is great and that catch into the stands was amazing, but Bucky Dent prevented a ring for Yaz, Rice, Lynn, Evans, Tiant, Lee, Remy, Burleson, Scott and Hobson. Pretty powerful stuff

3B - Aaron F---ing Boone.

I know it was only one year of misery... but it hurt.

LF - Roberto F---ing Kelly.
Lest we forget his 9th inning home run torpedoed the Red Sox 1991 playoff push.

CF - Bernie F---ing Williams.
The walk off in game 1, 1999... the year after he turned down the Sox offer! Ooof.

RF - Lou F---ing Pinella.
How DID he stab that ball hit by Remy during the 78 playoff game? He couldn't see it! That gets by him and the game is tied!

DH - Reggie F---ing Jackson.
The Dent home run game the Sox the lead... but Jackson game them breathing room with another homer. And they would need every single run as it turned out.

3 Man Rotation

El Duque F---ing Hernandez.

Shut down the Sox in 1999 finale to win the ALCS MVP

Ron F---ing Guidry
Let up Yaz's home run and little else in the 1978 playoff game.

Mike F---ing Torrez
Yeah, I know he was on the Red Sox. But he was a Yankee the year before and some thought he was a double agent!

Closer - Rich F---ing Gossage.
Yeah, Rivera won the 2003 ALCS MVP, but his blown save in 2004 cost him this job. Besides, what image hurt Sox fans more than Yaz popping up weakly to Nettles?

Set Up Man - Ramiro F---ing Mendoza.
All due respect to El Duque, Mendoza SHOULD have won the 1999 ALCS MVP. He wiggled out of potential series turning jams in games 2 and 5... killing any World Series hopes

Manager - Joe F---ing Torre.

He just sits there. And he doesn't seem to do anything... and they still won! I know his moves may have cost them the 2004 pennant, but I used to curse him out so much that he deserves this spot.

A pretty solid team... let's hope there are no new members after this week!


  1. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Is anyone other than the Yanks or the Red Sox playing? If you read this blog, you'd think the other divisions finished their season a month ago.

  2. Clearly, "Anonymous", you must not read this blog.

    For months on end it was a public plea to Indian fans.

    Lately it's a place to feel good about the Pirates.

    Even the Mets got props before the All Star game.

    The author makes no attempt to hide the fact that he's a Red Sox fan.

    Keep reading, you'll enjoy it