Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Rays carriage is starting to look pumpkin-like

What a difference a week makes.
Last Sunday the Rays had run off 7 straight wins... a week of victories... They had won 12 of 14 games and looked like they might be poised to widen their 5 game lead heading into the All Star break.

2 games against a slumping Yankees team and then 4 against the disastrous Indians and the path to being in first place at the All Star Game looked clear.

Suddenly the Devil came back and started possessing the Rays.

A winless week including a 4 game sweep by the hapless Tribe.

Suddenly there is in fighting and no doubt lingering doubt.

If you said at the beginning of the year that the Rays would win 12 of the last 21 games heading into the break and be only 1/2 a game out... you'd give Joe Maddon Manager of the Year.

And truth be told, if the Rays go 16-52 the rest of the way, they would still end up as the best team in Tampa Bay history.

And if they go 27-41 (a .397) the rest of the way, Tampa Bay will have a winning season.

But Tampa fans looked like there were getting more this year... and they might still get more.
Better hope they left a slipper behind.

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