Monday, July 21, 2008

Sometimes the clock should not be turned back

If we learned anything from the Back to the Future movies, it was that the time space continuum is delicate and should not be meddled with.

Also we learned that by parts 2 and 3, Christopher Lloyd was completely incomprehensible.

Well speaking of 1985, the White Sox broke out their unis from the mid 1980s...
I am all for turn back the clock night... but for God Sake look at them!

The Mid 1980s White Sox uniforms never got the crap they deserve.

The big SOX across the front, the pajama like top, the number on the leg.

This is the ugliest uniform in their teams history and this team once had their players wear lapels and shorts!

The person who designed the uniforms in Any Given Sunday thinks these stink.

And worst of all, they had great players wear these threads.
Not just Harold Baines... but Hall of Famers Carlton Fisk, Tom Seaver and Steve Carlton all wore these clown uniforms.

Look at Seaver's uniform.
His hat makes it even worse!

It has the white front so it looks like those cheap caps that businesses would print out during the 1980s.
Tom Seaver was the best pitcher of his generation and his hat looks like he was promoting Jordan's Furniture.

So folks... not all nostalgia is good.
Not everything was better in the old days.

And some uniforms should be retired.


  1. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Sully, Steve Carlton was in the same generation as Seaver. And Carlton was better. But as far as fashion policing goes, you are the man.

  2. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Should Be Hall of Famer Jerry Koosman also wore the sandknits...