Wednesday, July 02, 2008

No more underestimating the Rays

There is a moment in the first Jurassic Park film when Muldoon, the game warden, thinks he is about to kill one of he raptors terrorizing the heroes.

He has it in his sites and just before he pulls the trigger, he sees a second raptor is about to attack him.

At the very moment he knows he's about to be eaten he mutters "Clever girl" and then becomes lunch.

Well guess what?
The Red Sox were poor Muldoon. And the Tampa Bay Rays were that raptor.

My boys had a 4-1 lead... they were going to avoid the sweep and quicker than that raptor attacked the lead was gone... and the best team in baseball is now up 5 games in the loss column.

No more underestimating Tampa Bay.
Mentioning their past is as relevant as chanting 19-18.

They are the best team in baseball...

Clever girl

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