Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sully Baseball Presents... THE MAKING OF A BLOG POST

Hey dear readers... have you ever read one of my posts and thought "why the hell would Sully write that?"

I'm sure you have. Hell, I ask it many times myself.

And I have received a few snarky e mails asking me what the thought process is that leads to me taking the time and energy to write a long list post with some historical research.

Well let me take you through the process of how some idle thoughts and my compulsive list writing can result in a blog post.

Let's take my recent post about second basemen not winning the World Series MVP.

That particular post began when I was at work... I am a producer for The Bonnie Hunt Show.

The other day I was sitting in rehearsal. Bonnie and executive producer Don Lake were going over a segment that I had nothing to do with.

I was sitting in the studio audience seats, waiting to go over MY segment.

I didn't want to leave the studio... so I just sat there, watching rehearsal.

And while I was sitting there, I began to think about the up coming season... and the different divisions.

And I thought about the AL West and how the Angels lost some key players...

But they did pick up Hideki Matsui. Hey! He was the World Series MVP. I wonder how many World Series MVPs I can write on my pad of paper starting backwards from 2009 and Hideki Matsui.

So I filled up the page with every World Series MVP from 1979 to 2009 from memory.

And yes I included 1981 and 2001 when there were multiple winners.

And looking at the page, I thought to myself "Hey! It looks like every single position is represented on my list. I wonder if I could do one of my nutty 25 man rosters.

So I tallied all of the positions... and I found lots of starting pitchers, some relievers, some catchers and shortstops, some outfielders and third basemen and even a pair of DHs.

Only one first baseman oddly (Willie Stargell in 1979.)

But no second basemen.

So on the bottom part of the sheet, I started jotting down all of the second basemen I could think of who had a great World Series.

Before I could break down which ones went to college and which ones didn't, it was time to look at my segment for the show.

I produced some TV and when the show was done, I wanted to sit down and write a blog post.
As it turned out I already had the research done and the format all written on my note pad.

All because my mind was wandering during a rehearsal.
Before I had this blog, those idle thoughts would have been lost forever.

Now I have you to read them!

And if enough of you read them, who knows? I might have a show of my own some day!!!

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  1. Great insight into the mind of Sully. There's a lot of info floating around in that head of yours. Keep putting it to good use for us to read.

  2. love it! that's how i used to come up with yoga classes, i'd be daydreaming then boom! inspiration, and from there it just flows out of you like lava.

  3. Anonymous9:31 AM

    where are your keys? right now?

  4. My keys are on my desk... but I had to check