Saturday, March 27, 2010

And so it ends for Kansas State

Ah well...

My dream scenario for Kansas State fans to be able to rub it into Kansas fans' collective faces fell just short of the Final Four.

I now have to figure out which Final Four team I can find a totally petty reason to root for.

Monday. I'll figure that out on Monday.

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  1. Anonymous6:26 PM


    You don't follow college basketball at all do you? But I will give you this, rooting for K-State to win simply so they can gloat against their in-state rival is quite petty, so at least you admit that.

    I'm a KU grad as well as a huge fan. K-State has always been like our little brother in basketball, and only recently has the rivalry been terribly relevant because KSU has been so poor to mediocre in basketball for so long. I think it's terrific that the program is in the middle of a revival. At one time they had a terrific program and tradition which in many ways rivaled KU's. It's what made the rivalry strong, vibrant and quite relevant. And as good as K-State was in a very historic year for them, KU STILL beat them THREE times in the regular season/conference tourney.

    I don't have a problem with K-State, and most KU fans don't. If only you had any clue about what you were talking about regarding this. Stick with baseball, I think it's a much stronger subject for you.

  2. Why are all my nasty posters anonymous.

    YES! I already said I don't follow college basketball and I admitted my whole reason for rooting for K-State was petty.

    And this response shows me exactly why I was rooting for K-State! I am sure most KU fans don't have a problem with K-State. The same reason that most Yankee fans don't have a problem with the Mets.

    And in a year when KU wet the bed in the tourney, you still had to rub it in their face a little.

    I am not concerned about the KU fans. I was thinking about the K-State fans who wanted at least one year to crow.

    I will stick to baseball. It is a baseball blog.
    But I thank you, dear anonymous for confirming my initial reason to root for K-State and AGANST KU

  3. Anonymous4:21 PM


    I'm not sure how I came across as "nasty". C'mon man, you work in Hollywood! Where's the thick skin? In any case, I apologize if I came across as nasty or hurt your feelings in any way.

    Secondly, I'm not really sure how I rubbed it in K-State's face "a little". They had a dynamite season and just feel short. Pretty much just like KU. Though at least KSU didn't faceplant in the tourney with the weight of the entire country's brackets and expectations resting on their shoulders.

    And as far as how I have confirmed our initial reasons for getting on the KSU train, I'm really not sure what to say. I guess I just completely don't understand where you're coming from at all.

    K-State had their one year to crow, and the great thing is that Frank Martin is truly rebuilding that program and has another group of very strong recruits coming in next season. KSU is gonna have several more years of crowing, trust me. And with Cole Aldrich declaring today, which is almost certainly going to be followed with a Xavier Henry announcement, KU is gonna struggle next year. Yet another reason why this year stings so much. We missed our window, and it could be another couple of years, or even longer before everything lines up again just right where we're in position to win the whole thing again.

    And yeah, I'm "anonymous". But you can call me Tom. Post an option where anyone leaving a comment can leave their email and we can stay in touch. I work in the biz too, maybe we can do lunch sometime.

  4. When you wrote "And as good as K-State was in a very historic year for them, KU STILL beat them THREE times in the regular season/conference tourney" that was a little bit of rubbing it in their face.

    But hey, everything on this blog is tongue in cheek (except my hatred for Don Zimmer.)

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