Friday, March 26, 2010

Let's Go Kansas State!

I still can't name a single player on the Kansas State Wildcats basketball team... yet I am still rooting for them.

And after their double overtime win against Xavier last night a wonderful thing happened for K-State fans:

They are now favorites to go to the Final Four.

With Butler's win over top ranked Syracuse (two other teams that I don't know the starting 5 for), Kansas State is now the top ranked school in the West Region.

Now I am sure Syracuse thought they were going to beat Butler, so K-State can't take them lightly... but if a #2 seed can beat a #5 seed then my Schadenfreude fueled scenario would come true.

Kansas State would be a Final Four Team while Kansas, the #1 team in the country, couldn't even make the Sweet Sixteen.

And if they make the Final Four, they wouldn't have to face a #1 seed from the Midwest as Kansas has been knocked off... so it isn't outlandish to see Kansas State in the Championship game...

And if they can beat Kentucky or Duke...

OK, I am getting ahead of myself. BUT for all of you Kansas State fans out there, savor this. This could be YOUR 2004... that year where your team was better than the big bad "always better than you and you are sick of hearing of it" powerhouse.

Unleash the prick within!

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  1. Who would have thought it would be Michigan State and Butler in the Final Four playing against each other. Many people would have put Kansas, K-State, Syracuse, Georgetown, Ohio State, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Vanderbilt etc. before these teams. Michigan State was a top-dog before the season started and dropped as the season went on, but the fact they are doing all of this without Kalin Lucas is one of the most impressive parts about it. Heck, Tennessee was a shot away from making it as a 6th seed… man I love the NCAA

    If you want an in depth write up, preview and predictions for Michigan State vs. Butler go to: and weigh in on the action.. also vote who you think will move on to the national championship

    Butler is SO hot winning 24 straight games.. the last time they lost was back on December 22nd 2009… before X-mas!!! Insane! And the fact they are playing five miles away from their campus is going to be nuts .. talk about home-court advantage!!