Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One question about the whole Ron Washington thing

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So Ron Washington tested positive for cocaine... and evidently he did coke at Augusta. (Way to take cover behind the Tiger Woods scandal.)

I admire that Washington didn't try to deny it and I also admire the Rangers didn't show him the door. He's supposedly a good baseball man and shouldn't be put out to pasture for a mistake. The organization has Josh Hamilton on their payroll, so they know a thing or two about giving people a second chance. (No pressure trying to win this season, Ron.)

But what caught my eye is his quote "This was the only time I used this drug."

Wow. That is some rotten luck. You get caught 100% of the times you use a drug!

That brought up my main question:
How people START cocaine at age 57?

Did he look at his "bucket list" and say "Wow, I've never crossed off Act more like Tony Montana"?

Strikes me as a strange time to begin a bad addiction.

Oh what do I know?

It just goes to show you another thing... remember how shocking the cocaine scandals of the 1980s were?

I guess after a decade of sluggers injecting horse hormones into their butt and Manny Ramirez using female birth control, cocaine just seems kind of quaint.

Oh well... let's play ball.

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  1. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Hey people.. have you guys already tried that kickass guide from ... That Baseball guide literally blew my mind!

  2. Concur with your thoughts. I'm just south of 50 and will tell you that experimentation is far in my past. Not just talking illegal crap. Once you get past certain ages you stop thinking various risks are cool. Sometime in our 20's we realize jumping over things isn't good for our knees. In our 30's we learn that other ideas really aren't as cool as when we were younger. In our 40's/50's we are more enamored with dividends than growth potential. Look how people change their driving habits as they age. "I can make it" gets replaces by "I'll turn after those next few cars go by."

    Bottom line: If you're 57 and in a great paying job that includes drug testing you don't just wake up one morning and decide "I think I'll try coke today." In your 20's, I can see a guy trying coke because some really hot chick . . . . However, in your 50's you realize there will be other women, but there may not be other jobs available paying what you're getting paid to run a baseball team. Managing is about judgment and Washington showed some crappy judgment. The leash has to be pretty short.