Saturday, April 28, 2007

Could this be it for Torre?

Maybe Joe shouldn't have fought for his job after getting thumped by Detroit last year.
The certain Hall of Fame manager seems to be legitmately in danger of getting fired if he gets swept by the Red Sox... again.

And despite being a Torre defender for the past decade or so, I actually can understand it.

Yeah it isn't his fault their pitching stinks... but it IS his fault that the bullpen is already gasping for air and it isn't even May yet.

Would it kill Joe to take one of his starters and say "You are pitching 7 innings even if you give up 19 runs because the pen needs a night off"?

And why is Doug Mientkiewicz, who has more letters in his name than points in his average, batting 2nd?

And today Torre is doing yet another panic move, putting Jason Giambi, who has Stephen Hawkings mobility, on the field.

We might be two losses away from the Torre era coming to a shocking end.
They have the 2006 National League Manager of the year (Joe Girardi) on the payroll in the YES network booth.

Who would have thought that the rally two Thursdays ago from a 6-2 lead ending on A-Rod's walk off home run might have been Torre's last as a Yankee manager?

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