Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tampa Bay... knock it off

Hey Rays... it's been a nice story.
But cool it, will you?

It's fantastic that you have turned things around and had a great first 3 months.

But being in first place going into the last day of June?
And facing the Red Sox where a win will make you up 1 1/2 games (3 in the loss column!) in July?

This is starting to scare me a bit.
So do us all a favor... and start LOSING AGAIN!

(But still finish ahead of the Yankees)

But guess what?
It's time for the new chapter in the best new rivalry in baseball!
Boston vs. Tampa Bay!

Are you ready Dirt Bag Fan?
Sadly no live blog with the Professor this time, but it's the first meeting since the Brawl!

Who knew this Tampa game would be so big?
Now let's try to avoid any more 11-10 losses and recapture first place from Tampa.

Man even typing that sentence looks odd.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11:25 AM

    here come the rays fans:

    That dude with the blue hair is way up in your grill sully.

    Meanwhile, tonight I will witness Joba mania in person/