Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cheer up A's!

original post date: Saturday, October 14, 2006

So... Oakland A’s... you have fallen behind 3-0 in the series to Detroit.
Time for a rallying call!
Time to pick yourself up off of the matt and show the baseball world that the elephant on your sleeve isn’t just a cute logo but a sign of your resolve!

Time to make everyone see that you have the heart and desire of a champion!
Who’s with me?

Let’s look at some of the post game quotes:

Frank Thomas: They have shut us down...We've been outplayed... sometimes you just have to tip your cap.

Nick Swisher: It's just frustrating sometimes. Sometimes the breaks just don't go your way.

Eric Chavez: We're running into a better team and they're knocking down everybody in their path... It’s frustrating, they're better than we are

Um guys. Isn’t it time to rally the troops?
To pop in “Patton” or “Braveheart” or Christsake, even “The Kid From Left Field” to get you so pumped up that you can believe your team can accomplish anything?

Are these guys unaware that it is actually a best of seven series and that the Tigers need to win a fourth game?

Perhaps the A’s are unaware of that. Maybe the Tigers will show up at Comerica Park at 1PM Pacific time and the A’s won’t... and the Tigers would win on a forfeit.

How could a forfeited game be less exciting than these first 3 games?

I mean the Tigers are a good team, but there is no overwhelming superstar on the team that eclipses what Oakland has to offer. Both teams have good young pitching and some decent bats in the lineup. Hell, I thought this had seven game series written all over it.

Besides, the Red Sox were down 3-0 to the Yankees... and they had Pedro shellshocked, Schilling’s foot was on the verge of coming off of his ankle, they were coming off a 19-8 loss at Fenway and had Derek Lowe, who 2 weeks prior was about to be admitted to a mental hospital, on the mound... AND WERE LOSING IN THE 9TH WITH RIVERA ON THE MOUND!

And they won it!
Come on! Can’t you use THAT as a spring board for hope?

Milton Bradley: We don’t have Ortiz. They had a lot more punch than we do.

OK, fine... but how about getting mad about yesterday afternoon? Didn’t Kenny Rogers’ performance and emotion just make you want to punch him?

Milton Bradley: I feel like going over there and giving him a high five myself. He was that good.

Man, when the player with anger management issues can’t even get riled up... what hope is there for this A’s team?

Isn’t ANYONE pumped up for this game?

Mark Kotsay: We’ll give it our best effort.

There you go!
Not exactly Patton, but it’s a start.

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