Thursday, March 29, 2007

Not a bad start

Original Post Date: Thursday, October 5, 2006

We’re only 2 games into each series and already the post season is pretty cool.

As we switch stadiums in each series, we’ve seen:

- Frank Thomas on a personal mission to prove the White Sox dead wrong, win over every sports writer who might have been on the fence about his Hall of Fame credentials and not be considered the Patrick Ewing of the White Sox.

- Barry Zito outdueling Johan Santana and don’t think his agent Scott Boras won’t be reminding every single free agent bidder of that! Hell that should be his outgoing message!

- An inside the park home run occur when Torii Hunter misplayed an Oakland A’s sinking linedrive and watched the ball bounce around the Metrodome. That’s the first post season inside the park homerun since 2002... when Torii Hunter misplayed an Oakland A’s sinking linedrive and watched the ball bounce around the Metrodome.

- Two runners get thrown out at home on the same play. That doesn’t happen in Little League! What exactly was J. D. Drew thinking? “The catcher has the ball already... in fact the dude in front of is already out and the catcher is still holding the ball... but I bet I can slide around him. I’m THAT GOOD!”

- Carlos Delgado tearing it up. Nice to see a veteran who has never been on the playoff stage before come through big.

- Nomar’s game tying hit was cool, if not long lasting for the Dodgers.

- 48 (at least) year old Julio Franco beat out a throw to first. Nobody that close to 50 should be noted for their speed in a playoff game!

- Tim Robbins in the press booth on ESPN trying to promote his new movie, but going silent and becoming a nervous fan when the Dodgers tied the game. Gary Thorne was pushing it asking “Tell us about the movie Tim!” And Tim would mumble “Um... it’s about South Africa and it’s good... come on get a hit!”

- In order for Trevor Hoffman to have that feel good “I’m going to the Hall of Fame” playoff appearance, you need a lead. And in order to get a lead, you need to SCORE SOME RUNS!

- The Padres have pitched to Albert Pujols. Why is anyone’s guess. Even if it were bottom of the ninth, bases loaded in a one run game, I’d walk him!

- Tony LaRussa showing why he is my least favorite manager. He used 5 pitchers in a 2-0 game. Um... Tony, which pitcher wasn’t getting the job done? Can we keep the game moving?

- Jim Leyland showing why is my favorite manager. He pulled his young stud in the 6th in the middle of a batter! You can almost hear him wheezing in the dugout, needing a smoke and grumbling “F this! I’m not even going to let him finish this batter!” Also while not all of his bunts and stolen base plans have worked, God Bless him for trying.

- The kid Zumaya was HITTING CORNERS at 100+ MPH! And this guy isn’t the closer because.....? He made Sheffield, Jeter, Giambi and A Rod look like Lupus!

- As for A Rod, I’m sure the press will ignore his 1-8 start and getting called out with the bases loaded.

- Thank you Tigers for giving Yankee haters hope! Their season rests on the arms of Randy Johnson and Jaret Wright... DARE TO DREAM!

Keep this up!

I want lots of game 5s in the first round and I want some extra innings!

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