Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cute Puppies spell doom for Tiger fans!

Original post date: Sunday, October 22, 2006

So my wife was so good at picking the League Championship Series winners that I decided to have her pick the World Series.

She is 2-0 in picking playoff winners this year, and so far I am a big fat 0-6 in series picks... so I think there might be some method to her madness.

We sit down to discuss the upcoming World Series.

WIFE: OK, so who is playing?
ME: The St. Louis Cardinals and the Detroit Tigers.
WIFE: Mmm hmm.
ME: You liked both of their uniforms. Especially the Cardinals’ red hats.
WIFE: Right.
ME: So who is your pick?
WIFE: Well, tell me about the teams.
ME: Well, the Tigers have some of the best young power pitchers in baseball and they shut down the mighty Yankee line up and a strong A’s team. The Cardinals just finished a seven game series with the Mets, but Albert Pujols is always tough to stop.

My wife waves her hand in the air.

WIFE: I don’t care about any of that.

True... I’ve been using studying the game of baseball to make my picks and that hasn’t gotten me anywhere. Better listen to the master.

ME: Well, the managers are old friends and each have won a World Series before.
WIFE: Let me see them.

I go onto Google and look up pictures of Jim Leyand and Tony LaRussa.
My wife takes a look at them.

ME: Jim Leyland did an amazing job turning the Tigers around in just one season.
WIFE: I don’t like his facial hair.
ME: He’s also a chain smoker.
WIFE: Yuck. Who is the other one.

I click over to LaRussa’s picture. He is clean shaven, which bodes well for the Cardinals chances of winning the World Series.

I then clicked to another picture... the one that I have on the top left of this page...
The one of Tony LaRussa holding up a puppy and a kitten.

WIFE: Awwww.... I LOVE him!
ME: Yeah, he does lots of work for animal shelters.
WIFE: This picture was on

She clicks on the link and reads all of the vegetarian sites that LaRussa endorses.

WIFE: That’s it! It’s the Cardinals! They’ll win.

And if my wife picks a team, they’ll win.
So a little puppy, a little kitten and some soy burgers will turn out to be more devastating to the Tigers than any home run hit by Albert Pujols.

Of course I picked the Tigers to win in 4.

And of course what happened in game 1?
The Cardinals won.

Put your money on an easy Cardinal victory.

And look for them to celebrate with Soy Champagne

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