Thursday, March 29, 2007

I never claimed to be Nostradamus

Original Post Date: Sunday, October 8, 2006


THIS is why I do not bet on sports.
I follow baseball pretty damn closely.

I once stumped Bob Costas with a piece of baseball trivia.

I watch old playoff games on tape between teams I don’t care about.
I spend more time than any father of two should spend thinking about the playoffs backwards and forwards.

So you would think that when I would make a prediction about the baseball playoffs, they would be somewhat informed.

So how many of the teams I picked actually WON their series?


That’s pretty sad.

Oh, I’m sure YOU thought the Tigers pitching staff, including Kenny Rogers (KENNY ROGERS!!!), would shut the Yankees out for 21 of their last 24 innings and A-Fraud would be the highest paid #8 hitter in history.

And don’t tell me you KNEW Joe Beimel would be stupid enough to cut his hand on a glass in a bar and deprive the Dodgers a key reliever which came back to haunt L.A. in two of the three games.

And SURE, it was obvious Johan Santana would lose his first game in the Metrodome in over a year!

And of course the Cardinals pitching, which stunk all year long, would shut down San Diego and make their deep bullpen irrelevant!

So we have a pair of underdogs playing in Oakland and the Mets see a clear path to claiming New York as their own.

And we are saddled with more Tony LaRussa in the playoffs!

It’s what makes October so wonderful... and why I’ll NEVER bet!

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