Tuesday, November 04, 2008

First taste of voting

As I get ready to vote today, I remember the first ballot I ever cast.

It was 1979... that's right I first voted when I was 7 years old.

I was in Yankee Stadium with my Aunt Mary and my brother and we were watching the New York Yankees play the California Angels.

Mary showed me the All Star Ballot and explained to me that we have the ability to pick which players are going to the All Star Game.

The responsibility was not lost on me.
Nor was the power.

My favorite player at the time was Butch Hobson, and you bet I voted for him.

I knew it was an uphill swim for him.
George Brett and Graig Nettles were both in the league.

But I felt my vote needed to be heard.

This was 1979 remember so we didn't see many National League games in the suburbs of Boston then.
The National League I voted basically from the clips I saw on This Week In Baseball and whichever National Leaguer were featured on those 3D baseball cards I used to get in Frosted Flakes.
Davey Lopes, Dave Parker, Pete Rose, Willie Stargell... I remember voting for Ellis Valentine.

You're welcome Mr. Valentine.

But in the American League, I was a pure partisan Red Sox fan.

Yaz? You bet.
Fisk, Burleson, Rice, Lynn?
And of course Hobson.

But when it came to second base, I sat there...
A 7 year old Red Sox fan sitting in Yankee Stadium...

I was going to vote for Jerry Remy.
But I felt Willie Randolph was better.

I turned to my Aunt Mary and decided to be honest.

"I'm voting for Randolph."

And I did.

I'll be voting in an hour or so.
Who I am voting for and which measures I am supporting are my business.

But when I do vote, I'll vote for the candidate that I want, whether I think they'll win or not, like with Butch Hobson.
I'll vote for a candidate, even they are not for my party, if I think they are the best qualified, like with Willie Randolph.

And if I just don't know ANYTHING about the candidate, I'll vote based on endorsement, like when Tony the Tiger endorsed Ellis Valentine by putting him on that 3D card.


  1. Anonymous4:02 PM

    sully i have 2 un-punched 1979 all-star ballots. and a un-used 1979 program from the chicago cubs vs. the s.f. gaints

  2. Anonymous7:40 AM

    i voted for g. brett the best 3rd baseman of his era.

  3. Anonymous7:43 AM

    oh buy the wayi have 2 un-punched 1979 all-star ballots and many game programs of the chicago cubs 1972-1979.