Saturday, November 15, 2008

I shouldn't have to be looking this hard for a blog post

I came up with an idea for a Sully Baseball post today.

It had to do with former players getting their first ring as a coach.
(Milt Thompson was one such guy with the Phillies this year.)

And I was thinking about guys like Dave Magadan, Harold Baines and Chris Speier who had long and distinguished playing careers without ever winning the big one and how sweet it must be for them to get a ring as a coach.

So I thought, hey!
That's a blog post! An insane list!
And I'd go to baseball-reference or Baseball Almanac or some place to look at a list of each World Series team's coaches.

No listing of coaches!

Wikipedia lists who threw out the first pitch of each World Series game, which announcers called it and who sang the Star Spangled Banner.


I've been using Google and slowly piecing the coaching staffs together, but it shouldn't be an Archaeological Dig!

This won't stop me.
I'll write this list even if it takes months

That's why I have the staff working round the clock to compile insane baseball lists

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