Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I don't even know Dayan Viciedo, but I want him!

Call me Dayan Viciedo's Biggest Fan!

I never heard of him until a few minutes ago.

According to Jeff Passan, this 19 year old third baseman, Dayan Viciedo, looks like a star.
According to Alexi Ramirez, the White Sox rising star, Dayan Viciedo is the real deal.

Now I want the Red Sox to throw everything but Ted Williams' frozen head at him to get him.

Why am I so gung ho about this guy and not say Mark Teixeria or Derek Lowe, trading for Matt Holiday or even the return of Manny?

Because I like what the Red Sox are doing.
I like that they are getting younger and piece by piece getting a team together that has only played major league baseball in a Red Sox uniform.

Instead of getting older and more expensive, I want a younger and more exciting team.

AND as I wrote earlier, we need to get ready for a post Papi/Manny world.

And I'd rather do it by taking a chance with someone who could come up as a Red Sox rather than swipe an aging star.
He may not be Papi (who is? Or more to the point who was?)

But an exciting third baseman with some pop filling out the home grown infield of Youk at first, Pedroia at second, Lowrie at short and Viciedo at third...

And the Sox don't even need to have it happen right away.
Mike Lowell can stay at third, or maybe bring back Millar and move Youk back to third while Viciedo gets some seasoning at Pawtucket.

Look, of course he can fail.
Of course the Red Sox could throw a lot of money at him and he becomes a bust.

But isn't it worth the risk?
Isn't it worth it for the possibility of a dynamic star in the infield locked up for at least 6 seasons?

How is it more of a risk of the dough thrown at Edgar Renteria, Julio Lugo and Matt Clement?

So come on, Theo!
Open up the vault!

Imagine those Viciedo t shirts flying off the rack.
Don't let the White Sox beat us to the punch.

Use the money and use it well.

Be more than an Evil Empire... be a SMART empire.

And let's figure out how to pronounced Viciedo.
And get him a good nickname while we are at it... like Yaz Viciedo!

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