Friday, November 28, 2008

Good Eyes Wesley Hoffman

Well, first of all, let me thank SF Bay Area based comedian Wesley Hoffman for actually reading all 10 pages of my Home Grown vs. Acquired Marlins Team entry.

That's some dedication to the blog from an A's fan!

But as an A's fan he pointed out that John Baker was actually a product of the Oakland farm system, ergo was ineligible to be the home grown Marlin's backup catcher.

So here I sit at 8 AM the morning after Thanksgiving, about to have a family day... correcting my blog.

I couldn't let that mistake linger.

So the entry is now corrected with Josh Willingham moved into the backup catcher slot and seldom used outfielder Chris Aguila now gets to be included in an all time team.

Hey Chris, send the thank you card to Wesley Hoffman.

And Wesley, your prize for correcting Sully Baseball is I will promote your next gig on here.

Now I can spend this day without that weight on my shoulders.

(Maybe I should hire Wesley as a fact checker.)

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