Friday, February 12, 2010

We interrupt Sully Baseball to help save Sully's job!

Hey dear readers. As some of you know I work as a TV producer as well as writing my insane baseball blog. As much as I would love to write baseball lists for a living, I actually earn my rent and supper by putting together interview segments for The Bonnie Hunt Show.

It's a fun show and Bonnie is a terrific host to work for.
She is also a big Cubs fan.

We haven't been renewed yet and we need to tell the powers that be that the show is worth keeping on the air.

Click on Save the Bonnie Hunt Show

Sign the online petition. It takes 2 seconds. And don't worry about the "donation page" that pops up. You don't need to send in any money.

Hopefully we can help keep the show on.

Here's a clip from an interview I helped produce with the great George Wallace.

Back to baseball.

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  1. I signed. I hope it helps. Bonnie is an awesome and funny lady and she has a great talk show!