Saturday, February 06, 2010

Can Boston fans endure seeing these three win within the same year?

There was an interesting article in ESPN the magazine about NFL Fans this past week.

It seems that every single fan base for every single NFL team will be rooting for the team in their team’s conference this Super Bowl. AFC fans will be pulling for the Colts. NFC fans will be cheering on the Saints.

There was one exception… New England fans are rooting for the Saints according to their survey.

Notice I said “interesting” and not “surprising.”

I know nobody wants to give Boston fans a break after the obnoxiously successful decade that transpired between Adam Vinatieri’s kick to defeat the Rams and the Celtics victory of the Lakers in 2008.

But starting in 2009, the tide suddenly turned in Boston…

Can the region of New England bear the sight of Peyton winning in less than 12 months since Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez be crowned champions?

I wonder if it is better to swallow those pills all at once or have it spread out over the years.

Either way, if the Colts do indeed win, there will be some teeth grinding in sports bars between Harford and Boothbay Harbor.

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  1. Boston fans now knows what it is like to be a New York Fan, It killed Us with the Red Sox and Patriots winning and I am sure it killed the 3 Knick fans left that they have had to see Boston and Los Angeles win all those NBA Tittles also for Ranger fans seeing the Devils win Cups, It would be worse if the Bruins, Flyers and Islanders were winning Cups again.