Tuesday, February 02, 2010

How did I do in my Oscar Predictions?

My predictions weren’t bad… yet a few of my predictions came up short.

Yeah Avatar, The Hurt Locker and Up in the Air were big nominees. Wow. I am a seer.

Of the 45 major nominees, I got 31 ½ right.
31 ½?

Yeah… I predicted Stanley Tucci would be nominated for the easier to digest (literally) Julie and Julia rather than for his creepy role in The Lovely Bones.

Kind of like when they nominated Dennis Hopper for Hoosiers instead of Blue Velvet.

Also I was pleasantly surprised to see Up get a Best Picture nomination.

So 31 ½ out of 45 major nominees means I got 70% of them right.

Not too shabby.

The technical categories... not so good.
22 out of 41?


I should stick to predicting baseball... like when I picked the A's and the Reds last year.

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