Monday, February 08, 2010

I am thrilled for New Orleans and their fans but...

Can people STOP saying "New Orleans has a reason to party"?

I've been to New Orleans. It's a great city, but they never have had trouble to find a reason to party.

It's a wonderful beautiful place, but let's face it... it is a Frat house that has a transit system.

People were out partying like it was V-J day and it was a Thursday!

There were people sleeping on the street... not homeless people. Drunk dudes who basically said "Man, I can't go any further. I'll just curl up on the corner of Bourbon and St. Louis street and rest up."

Enjoy the Super Bowl win New Orleans. And party like it is... well... Monday.

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  1. Anonymous8:26 AM

    You would normally be 100% correct Sully-but I think when they say New Orleans has a reason to party-they mean to "celebrate" since Katrina not much else has made them this happy since bourbon on a Monday.


  2. I can't imagine how much the French Quarter smelled like urine and vomit the morning after the Super Bowl. Yuk.