Sunday, November 01, 2009

The decade turns to Joe Blanton for salvation

This hasn't been a banner decade for the World Series.

There has only been one great one this decade... the 2001 World Series which was jaw dropping, heart breaking and leap off the couch exciting depending on your opinion of the Yankees.

The 2002 Series was back and forth right down to the 7th game and broke my dad's heart as the Angels (then in Anaheim before their move to Los Angeles of Anaheim) beat the Giants.

And in 2003, the Marlins stunned the Yankees in an exciting 6 game series.

Since then, we haven't had a heart stopping series.

Yeah it was great to see my Red Sox win in 2004 and 2007... but they were sweeps. The outcome wasn't in doubt?

Yeah each game in 2005 was competitive and 3 of them were truly wonderful... but again it was a sweep.

The only thing merciful about the 2006 World Series was that it was over quickly.

Last year the Rays and Phillies fought hard, but again, it never went back to the original host city.

So that means the last 5 World Series were all but decided after 4 games.

Now CC Sabathia, who has been awesome in the post season and didn't pitch badly in Game 1 is throwing against Joe Blanton, whose ERA against the Yankees has an area code.

Blanton and the Phillies have to come up big, somehow hit Sabathia and shut down the Yankees bats, otherwise the decade will conclude with 5 straight World Series that failed to have that "man this is coming down to the wire moment."

Come on Joe!

I know the odds are long, but what were the odds that you'd homer in last year's World Series?


  1. To me the 2001 World series was one of the best ever along with 91. It killed me that the Yankees lost but their comebacks and the way the D-Backs fought back against Mariano in the 9th was a All-time classic.

  2. Well... at least Blanton gave the Phillies a chance to win it. I think the crucial play of the game was win Utley tried to flip that ball to 2nd to turn 2... one out would have been better than none... proved costly.

  3. The Yankees take advantage of the smallest mistakes, If You play error free ball The Yankees have been very beatable all playoffs, But The Twins, Angels and now the Phils have pulled off some bonehead plays
    (Last Night The Utley play and Lidge not covering 3rd Base in the 9th)