Sunday, November 01, 2009

I wish Cole Hamels went as 2008 Cole Hamels for Halloween

For 3 innings it looked so great, didn't it?

Phillies up 3-0.

Hamels pitching well.

The Phillies would be up 2-1.

And if you assume the Yankees would win behind Sabathia in Game 4 and the Phillies would win behind Lee in Game 5... then you would have the Phillies up 3-2 going back to the Bronx... and the chance for the most exciting series since 2001.

And then.... ugh.

And here's my other pet peeve: The tack on runs.

I knew when A-Rod was hit with 2 outs and 2 strikes in the 7th that the game was over. Werth had homered the inning before and the Phillies might have thoughts of a comeback in their heads.

Then A-Rod was hit and I thought "The Yankees are going to score."

And they did.

Think about that run... and the solo shots by Swisher and Matsui... A World Series winner shouldn't let a team pull away like that.

Well here we sit. Joe Blanton vs. CC Sabathia. Gee whiz, I wonder who is going to win THAT match up!

A friend of mine wrote "You never know what will happen in October."

I agree. Too bad it is now November?

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