Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to the person who unwittingly made me a baseball historian

Since doing my Home Grown vs Acquired series, I've received a lot of a emails from people asking me how long I've been reading about baseball history.

The answer is since I was a kid. And I can thank a parent of mine for a great inspiration.

Oh I watched and talked a lot about baseball with my dad... but my love for baseball history comes from my mom. When I was a kid, I discovered a bunch of my mom's old baseball books about the Yankees of the 1950s.

And she had an old Baseball Encyclopedia dated back to 1955.

As a kid I devoured those books... I knew every World Series result by the time I was 10. I could recite the great feats of DiMaggio, Mays and Aaron when most kids just knew the local stars.

So if you think I am a little thorough in my research, then you can thank my mom for the original inspiration.

I have kept all of her books. I hope my kids discover them some day.

Happy Birthday mom!
You've created a monster!

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  1. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Thanks, Paul. No one every read an encyclopedia--baseball or other-- with such gusto as you. I hope your little guys do the same with the old baseball books and the new med school texts! Love, ma aka grammaahhhh!