Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hey Cubs... Braves... bet you are glad you didn't make the Peavy trade NOW!

You know that cliche about how sometimes the best trade you make is the one you DIDN'T make?

Boy oh boy does that ring true for the Cubs and Braves! Remember how the Padres were asking the Cubs for Félix Pié, Garrett Olsen or Jeff Samardzija in a Peavy deal?

Remember how the Braves were being tempted to part with prospects Jordan Schafer and possible ace Tommy Hanson?

Peavy isn't looking too good right now, is he?

Granted it's the WBC and not games that matter or anyone cares about. But when terms like "Mercy Rule" are employed, you had better see Walter Matthau managing the team... not with a Cy Young winner on the hill.

If the Padres stalled the trade talks they are probably kicking themselves pretty hard now.

On the bright side for Peavy, if he stays in San Diego and gets 15 wins, he'll be the all time victory leader in Padres history.

Then again, the way he's been pitching, 15 wins might be a stretch. Heck, just throw 15 innings!

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  1. Derek Lowe + Tommy Hanson + Yunel Escobar > Jake Peavy.

    For all the crap Frank Wren caught all offseason long, he's looking pretty damn good right now.