Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A-Rod... you want to just go and rehab for a while?

When you are fighting the image of being a greedy and selfish player, maybe you shouldn't go on a photo shoot WHERE YOU ARE MAKING OUT WITH YOURSELF!!!!!

When I wrote my piece on what else can go wrong this spring training for Alex Rodriguez, I didn't include "Homoerotic pictures of Alex Rodriguez becoming intimate with a mirror" never crossed my mind.

And where the hell were these pictures taken? 

Is he a hostage? Is he where Robert Downey Jr. was in the opening of Iron Man ?

Is ANYONE giving this guy advice?

I'm sure this is going over great in Yankee land! Biggest expectations in the history of the team and their injured steroid using selfish face of the franchise can't keep his lips off of himself.

Inevitably someone will say "Quit writing about A-Rod!"

Well, I promise you out of fairness... the minute Pirates outfielder Nate McLouth publishes pictures of himself dry humping a mirror... I will write about it.

Consider this a pledge!


  1. Gay-Rod is freakin' nuts! As a Yankees fan, I will be boing him again this season. I was planning on doing it anyway because of the 'roids issue, but now I have even more reason to do it!

  2. Anonymous9:44 PM

    What was he thinking?