Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Rays still have only one winning season

I warned everyone last November don't be premature proclaiming the Rays as a perpetual contender.

And I never jumped on the bandwagon that there were three 90 win teams in the AL East. 

Yeah last year was a great story (even though I was rooting against them the whole time.) But here we sit on September 17th and the Rays are at break even.

If they go 7-9 the rest of the way, then their defense of their AL Title would be their 11th losing season out of 12.

Even I'm not cold hearted enough to root for that.
(Or am I?)

1 comment:

  1. Wow, congrats Sully...
    guess you saw that amazing starting pitching last year (primarily Shields and Garza) not doing as well this year...

    Also, their GM was dumb for trading Kazmir while they still had a chance. He was 4-1 in his prior 6 starts before being traded. (who do the Rays think they are, trading Kazmir like that? The Mets?!)