Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shame on Jim Riggleman

That's right Riggleman. You had better hang your head.

You took over the worst team in baseball and they are indeed going to finish this season as one of the worst if not the worst team in the game.

That's not why you should hang your head.

We are at the end of the season.
The Nationals have only 9 games left.
They've already lost 101 games.
Needless to say they don't have a lot of meaningful games left.

Yet the Nats find themselves in the middle of a pennant race. Maybe not for themselves, but they are playing the Braves 7 out of the last 10 games of the season.

And with the Braves now only 3 back in the loss column for the Wild Card, each one of these games affect Atlanta and Colorado.

They also affect who plays whom in the Division Series. A Braves Wild Card would mean the Dodgers would play Atlanta in the Division Series while the Phillies and Cardinals would face off.

A Rockies Wild Card would mean the Dodgers and Phillies would meet in the Division Series and the Cardinals would go to Colorado.

These games could affect the balance of the NL playoffs.
These games could affect which teams would be resting starters and which ones would be going at full speed in the last week of the season.

So what did Riggleman do today?
He is resting Ryan Zimmerman!

The Nationals are practically fielding a AAA line up and just about the only hitter who could make any difference on his roster is taking a breather... a week before he takes a 5 month break.


Shouldn't he put a lineup on the field that, I don't know, could beat the Durham Bulls?

In a game that could have a chain reaction affect on the National League playoffs, Riggleman said "You know, now could be the day to give Pete Orr some at bats!"

This is a disgrace and if baseball actually had a commissioner, then he would have been fined.

Hey Rigs!
The Nats play the Mets next week. Those games will be played in front of friends and family and won't even affect the Nats nor the Mets.

You can send Zimmerman to Bermuda for those games.
How's about he plays in the games that matter?

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