Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Baltimore Paradox

These series with Baltimore are kind of strange for the psyche.

On the one hand, they must make the Red Sox feel great. Come into someone else's home, take all three games by a combined score of 23-9... 

The Sox got great starting pitching and power from EVERYONE.

When Josh Reddick and Brian Anderson start hitting balls out of the yard, you know the line up is clicking.

Clay Buchholz looked like a solid #3 man for the post season.

Lester fought through for a win when he didn't have his best stuff.

The Daisuke Matsusaka comeback is looking better and better.

But then again... it was the Orioles.

Isn't this the same as when Ohio State plays Toledo in football. They are just a punching bag at this point.

Time to move on to more challenging foes.
The Red Sox leave the 89 loss Orioles to face the 88 loss Royals.

The magic number is 7, and did you notice the Red Sox are only 4 back of the Yankees in the loss column... and the Red Sox play the Royals while the Yankees play the Angels... and then the two face off next weekend?

Very innnnnteresting.

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  1. at least he has lived up to all the all-season hype...