Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are you kidding me?

When I saw the Late Daisuke Matsusaka, who passed away shortly after the moronic World Baseball Classic, was pitching tonight... I thought "3 innings max."

He hadn't pitched since getting torched on June 19th against Atlanta. His longest outing was 5 2/3 innings against Texas and he STILL got lit up in that game.

So you will forgive me that I wasn't brimming with optimism.

Before the game I was thinking "Hmm... the Sox had yesterday off. Plus since Thursday the Red Sox bullpen had thrown a grand total of three innings. So they were rested."

And knowing it was Dice-K I caught myself thinking

Bowden can throw the 3rd
Bard can throw the 4th
Ramirez can throw the 5th
Okajima can throw the 6th
Delcarmen can throw the 7th
Wagner can throw the 8th
Papelbon can throw the 9th...

And I was still nervous because I wasn't sure if Dice-K could give the Sox two innings!

I would feel like if I asked a Genie for 6 shut out innings, I would be overreaching.

Man, can you imagine if Dice K is pitching well...
And Beckett is pitching well...
And Lester is throwing like an ace...
And Buchholz has turned a corner...



  1. And how bout them A's helping out by taking care of the Rangers 2 days in a row?

  2. So much for your theory on the WBC doing more harm than good to players!

  3. Nice try Junior

    I kind of wanted my #2 starter from May to August instead of sitting through Penny and Smoltz starts.

    Also for the life of me I don't remember who WON the WBC

    Was it Japan, Korea or Cuba?

  4. You know very well that Japan beat Korea in one of the best ball games that I have ever seen in person. BTW, What's your take on the Red Sox in the ALDS? How many games will they play to beat the Angels? Any predictions? I think they will win in 5 games...but historically speaking, I really suck at making predictions.

  5. Junior, off the top of my head I couldn't remember if Japan won or Korea.

    I'm glad you found that Spring Training game to be thrilling

    I'm surprised you'd be asking a question about the Division Series with your thirst for exciting baseball quenched by the legendary game between Korea and Japan where evidently something happened.

    I think the Red Sox are in great shape and would beat the Angels in 4 games.

    October is where baseball memories are made. Not in a meaningless exhibition in March