Monday, September 28, 2009

Angels and (Devil) Rays do the Red Sox dirty work

OK, that title would have worked better if they were still called the Devil Rays.

But the Red Sox have acted ever since the beginning of the Yankee series as if the Wild Card has been clinched.

Star players have been rested.

Starters have been taken out and today the Sox started Michael Bowden over Josh Beckett.

I've been advocating the Red Sox clinch as quickly as possible so the regulars can recharge...
And evidently the Sox have decided to not wait to clinch.

Pretty dangerous gamble... except that it is working.

The Rangers lost their last two and now a single win or a single Rangers loss will send the Sox to the playoffs with a rested and ready rotation.

Normally I would say this was putting the cart before the horse... but lest we forget Francona resting Ramirez, Dice-K and Okajima down the stretch in 2007 despite a late season charge by the Yankees.

It worked out.

I know not to question Theo or Francona.

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