Friday, September 04, 2009



Start winning some games... like ALL of them!

You can do it! You can come out to play every single game and win them all.

Right now you guys are in an 8 game losing streak and playing sub .400 ball... but you are due for a big turnaround... and frankly you need to go all out.

You see, the Pirates are on the cusp of having the longest losing season streak in baseball history. Right now the franchise is tied with the 1933-1948 Phillies for most consecutive losing seasons.

And as of this writing they have 80 losses. They have 29 games left... if they win ALL 29 games then they finish the season with a winning record!

Pirate fans will see a team that has won more than they lost for the first time since the Francisco Cabrera hit!

You can do it, Pirates! Come out to play hard 29 games in a row and win them all!

Either that or you go down in history with a record that NOBODY wants!

A thought for Pirate fans... the Phillies streak ended in 1949. And the next year the Phillies won the pennant!

Get that one in between winning season out of the way and maybe 2010 the Pirates can make the World Series!

All they need is a 29 game winning streak. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR?

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