Thursday, September 03, 2009

I'm still kind of afraid of these Tigers

In June I declared the Tigers the team that will sneak up on everyone in the post season.

And I'm not moving from that stance.

All they do is win now... and with the White Sox doing a post waiver wire fire sale and the Twins unable to get out their own way, the Tigers have a 5 game lead and barring a collapse are going to win the division and start Verlander games 1 and 5.

Hey Red Sox, Yankees, Angels and Rangers fans... doesn't that scare you?

Verlander could beat anyone. At this point I'd take him over any pitcher the Red Sox, Yankees, Angels and Rangers have. (Sorry Rays, you are no longer in the playoff discussion.)

Don't their bats scare you?
Doesn't their pitching scare you?

Doesn't the fact that NOBODY will pick them and ergo will be playing loose with nothing to lose scare you.

I can tell you what hunters have been saying for centuries... Tigers are scary.

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