Friday, September 18, 2009

No offense to the people of Detroit, but I want the Tigers to get swept

Seriously. I have nothing against the people of Motown or anyone in Wayne County.

I like a lot of players on the Tigers... I love the traditional uniforms and who could dislike Jimmy Leyland?

And the city itself, well what good hearted American can root against Motor City?

But there are still two weeks left to the regular season. And people are already lining up playoff pitching match ups.

I want to see a pennant race! I want to meaningful games down to the wire.

Last year the Mets and Brewers scrapped until the final day of the season and the Twins and White Sox needed to have a one game playoff to settle the score.

The year before the Mets and Padres were the two best teams in the NL on Sept. 4th... and both missed the playoffs all together.

And this year we have the Rangers and Giants fading and the last two weeks essentially being extended spring training.

I want to see some pennant race baseball... especially the kind where I really don't give a damn about the outcome.

I don't really want to see the Twins win the Division. I have no warm and fuzzy feeling sending off the Metrodome in October! And I'd like to see the Yankees have to face a rested Verlander twice in a playoff series. 

But for the love of Bobby Thomson, I fear the next two weeks will be dullsville unless a team gets pounded here.

The Tigers are playing 3 against the Twins.
A Twins sweep would put them a game back with 13 to play... and a week later they play again.

Is it too much to ask for an exciting last week of the season?

I know times have been tough in Detroit, but this weekend I want the Tigers to match the Lions win total from last season.

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