Friday, September 18, 2009

Ten Reasons to Go to the Pirates/Padres Games this weekend

The season is grinding to a halt and without many pennant races happening, you might have a hard time thinking of a reason to go to the ballpark this weekend.

That is magnified in Pittsburgh where the hapless Pirates face off against the almost equally bad Padres.

Why would ANYONE go?

Well the staff at Sully Baseball took on this question head on and we found 10 reasons why baseball fans in Pittsburgh should head to the ballpark tonight and all this weekend.

1. According to, the weather should be nice this weekend in Pittsburgh.

2. PNC seems like a beautiful ballpark and the views of the city seem stunning. And those city views might distract you from the play on the field.

3. You NEVER want to miss a Padres – Pirates game. It is such a rich rivalry.

4. Whenever Charlie Morton pitches, you know there is a POTENTIAL of something magical.

5. It’s a good place to go if you don’t want to be spotted and you are having an affair or in the witness protection program.

6. You can meet all the people from dreary San Diego who are vacationing this weekend in Pittsburgh.

7. You can convince whomever you are sitting next to that you are related to one of the Pirates players. It doesn’t matter what your last name is. Nobody knows the whole 25 man roster.

8. You can watch the current Pirate players and wonder which ones will eventually go to the Red Sox and which ones will eventually go to the Yankees.

9. Your chances of getting a foul ball are about 50/50.

10. You could meet a few people to talk about the Steelers.

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  1. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Sully, went to PNC Park this season, courtesy of my travels with cross-training first base prospect Shaquille (The Big Kingman) O'Neal... At any rate, yes, the views ARE stunning. And there are cool statues of Pops, and Negro League legends (Josh Gibson, et al) on the grounds... And that McCutchen kid in center is bristling with star quality. sincerely, Michael Ferraro-Doumit.