Saturday, September 19, 2009

I think Joe Mauer just clinched the MVP

These two victories by the Twins has done more than produce awkward brown stains on the pants of Detroit players and fans...

It also essentially ended the MVP debate.

Mauer not only has the numbers but is also playing a big part of a most unlikely comeback.

Just think about the last day that Justin Morneau played this year before injuries shut him down.

The Twins just lost three in a row and on September 12th, his last game, the Twins had a losing record and were in third place, 5 1/2 games out.

They've won every game they've played since, and are sitting 2 games out. 

And since then Mauer has gone 11 for 18... which I don't have to tell you would make a good batting average. 

Throw in 6 walks in that time for you on base lovers.

And he has averaged a run batted in a game.

All this with the guy who was the MVP in 2006 and runner up last year out of the line up.

That coupled with the fact that he is going to win the batting and OPS title makes this an open and shut case.

Now before anyone accuses me of going with Mauer instead of Jeter because of my Red Sox fandom, remember that on September 11th of this year I basically wrote a love letter to Jeter.

And not only did Jeter deserve the MVP in 2006 over Morneau, but I believe Morneau was only the third most valuable player on his own TEAM that year. 

Johan Santana and Joe Mauer deserved it ahead of him. 

But 2006 is ancient history.

This year it is Mauer's if for no other reason than he is staring down a tiger!

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