Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome to Aaron Rowand's house

I had all of the Sully Baseball posts written in my head last night.

A Giants win, a Rockies loss, the Cardinals winning the division on a night they didn't even play, another Brad Penny win...

How inconvenient facts can be!

Jeff Baker's 2 out 2 strike 2 run homer was just what the Giants DIDN'T need...

So I kept watching the game and lo and behold the Giants rallied.
2 on... 1 out... and up stepped my father's favorite whipping boy, Aaron Rowand.

2 strikes on him and I kept thinking "Aaron buddy... if you want my father to ever respect you... don't strike out!"

Not only DID he strike out, he swung at a pitch that was in the dirt.

I don't think the ball was thrown back to the pitcher and my e mail box had an angry Anti Rowand missive from my dad.

Just pack your bags now Aaron...
My dad might be coming after you with a pitchfork.