Thursday, September 10, 2009

An acquisition that would help the Giants

Kevin Frandsen popped up a bunt in a key situation during yesterday's Giants loss to the Padres.

The .125 hitter needed to lay down a bunt to put the tying run in scoring position with 1 out.

Nope. A pop up and soon the inning was over. And next thing you know the Giants lost a series at home to the lowly Padres.

During the 12 inning finale of the Brewers series, the Giants failed to execute a bunt in a critical time and that game ended with a choreographed home run ceremony by Prince Fielder.

So instead of talking about the Giants winning 6 of 8 games and being 2 games back in the loss column of a playoff spot going into a brutal 9 game swing against the Dodgers and Rockies... the Giants find themselves 4 1/2 out with 22 to play and only a game ahead of the Marlins.

And that difference is there because they can't lay down a bunt!

It might be late to acquire a player, but the Giants can pick something up that might help them win a few of these low scoring games (which seems to be ALL of them.)

Pick up a Tom Emanski DVD.
You know, the ones that teach basic baseball drills.

The ones that Fred McGriff says get results.

According to, you can get used Tom Emanski DVDs for $6.30.

That's about the cost of one order of garlic fries!

Come on Giants... a trip to the playoffs might be on the line here.


  1. wow giants suck at have addressed this many times...orginal ideas not working out for you on this day?

  2. It's more than the hitting... it's doing fundamentals that teams that can't hit need to do... scoring runs WITHOUT the hit.

    Besides this was just an excuse to make a Tom Emanski reference