Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rise and Shine! There is baseball to be played

Hey Phillies.
I hope you weren't wiped out after a 19 inning marathon the led to your utility infielder pitching and winning.

Hey Reds, hope you weren't too frustrated after blowing a 10th inning lead only to lose the game 9 innings later.

Hey Marlins, hope the roller coaster of blowing a 4 run 9th inning lead only to win in extra innings wasn't to taxing.

Hey Giants, I hope the highs of the 9th inning come back wasn't too high and the remorse following Buster Posey's injury isn't too severe.

Because you have to shake it off!
You have a day game right after overwhelmingly emotional extra innings games.

SOMEONE is going to get blown out today.

I can feel it.

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