Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Well THAT was decisive for Cleveland

Well the Royals wanted to send a message to Cleveland and say "You aren't the ONLY surprise team in contention for the AL Central."

The Royals hadn't played since Friday but with Cleveland coming in for 2 games, they could have shaved a few games off of the Tribe's lead and pulled within 3 games.

Or not.

After the two games, the Royals fell below .500, 7 games out and were outscored 26-4.

THAT is called an ass whippin'.
Cleveland is taking their act to Chicago (the team I picked to win the Central.)
The Royals have the Defending AL Champion Rangers coming in.

If the Royals don't right this ship soon, they can look up and be 10-12 games back.
If you want a surprising winning season Kansas City and not have another year like 2009 that started off well but ended with 97 losses, then it is time to get off the mat.

Meanwhile, um this Cleveland team. They aren't bad.
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